Dicembre 17, 2018


Unicas-McGill-Kinova Project

Project name: Real-time (re-)planning of redundant robots with task-priority in a dynamic and constrained environment

Host University: McGill University

Host Company: Kinova Robotics

Sep 2018 – Dic 2018

Real-time motion planning for redundant robots is addressed in this project. In particular, the aim is to properly merge global and local motion planning algorithms. The latter are usually faster but prone to local minimum, the formers need perfect knowledge of the environment and they are time consuming. The proper merge of those two kinds of approaches is envisaged in order to plan the robot movement in real-time while taking into account all the constraints, avoiding local minima and exploiting the robot’s redundancy. A real and dynamic environment is also considered.

For more details about this topic and the proposed Control Framework click here.


The Control Framework code is on a Bitbucket repository.
(Please, contact me if interested.)

European Research Projects

Project name: ROBUST

Dic 2015 – Jan 2020

This project aims at developing an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) equipped with a manipulator and technologies for seabed mining. More in detail, the vehicle will dive, will identify the resources that are targeted for LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) through 3D real time mapping of the terrain and it will position the LIBS in the required location of mineral deposits on the ocean floor to autonomously perform qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Project name: DexROV

Mar 2015 – Aug 2018

This project aims at developing a semi-autonomous ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) such that the following goals are fulfilled:
a. move control of the ROV to shore, from a safe distance;
b. overcome latency involved between onshore control centres and the ROV, through autonomous operations;
c. develop advanced dexterous tools with the capacity to grip and manipulate in ways similar to a human hand.